Vw BUS Yellow Beach Flat

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PersonalizedTowels2 allows you to create a personalized beach flat so you can finally solve the never-ending question of "Whose Is This?!" 

Perfect for the beach, the pool, or even a backyard water fight! The colors are permanently dyed deep into the fabric, so rest assured there will be no fading.  Each beach flat is perfectly large at 60"x30". The flat is a microfiber, 100% polyester velour fabric.  Why is it a beach flat vs a towel?  Towels can be bulky and heavy to carry to the beach or pool.   These flats are compact, lightweight, and are perfect for a quick dry off so you can get back to your activities without being bogged down.  

Please allow 2 weeks for products to be made and shipped. Personalized product will not be refunded unless there is an error or flaw in the material.